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Danny Trejo

Computer & Programing

Full-stack software engineer with 7+ years of experience doing project management and building web and mobile applications. I'm passionate about the tech world ... View More



Grace Simpson


Branding expert. I can help you create a highly successful brand that attract people and make your business look so professional and different.



Attend Online Events

Date: September 29, 2014

Start: 03 PM - End: 04 PM


Price $ 14.00

To Succeed in branding, you should understand the needs of your customers. In this event, I will talk about a lot of points that will help you succeed in creat... View More

Date: September 25, 2014

Start: 10 AM - End: 11 AM

SEO Marketing

Price $ 12.00

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Everybody claims to make your site in the first page. And sometime they succeed, and sometime they don't and you loose your mon... View More

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web development on workhint

Computer & Programing

Price: $90.00

Delivery time: 3 days

Video call and event at the same time

Professional Marketing Plan


Price: $150.00

Delivery time: 7 days

Hi, I will create a professional marketing plan that fit your business requirement. In order to start, I will do the following: 1. Analyzing your business mark

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Workhint Industries

Time & Ideas are defining factor today

  • Marketing

    Solve your marketing challenges, and grow your business

  • SEO Marketing

    Optimize your website and get creative SEO advices

  • Business & Finance

    Be better in business and make better investment decisions

  • Computer & Programming

    Learn how to program buy customized software

  • Data Entry

    Manage your business data correctly and easily

  • Art & Design

    Be great in design, and work with talented designers and artist

  • Counseling & Coaching

    Get advices and directions in many areas of life

  • Education & Tutoring

    Get academic help, and learn new subjects

  • Engineering

    Receive Technical lessons and advices in several engineering subjects

  • Food &

    Learn how to cook verity of world dishes

  • Writing & Translation

    Improve your writing skills, and translate documents

  • Legal &

    Get legal advice from lawyers with different professions

  • Health & Medicine

    Improve your health and get health advice from health professionals

  • Religion & Spirituality

    Improve your spiritual side, and be a better person

  • Politics & Philosophy

    Meet experts in philosophy and politics and create your own view

  • Videos & Film Productions

    Learn about film productions and buy customized videos

  • Style & Fashion

    Improve your appearance and get great fashion advice

  • Sports & Meditation

    Train your body and brain online and work with a personal trainer

  • Social Media

    Learn how to manage your social media correctly and get best results

  • Fun & Entertainment

    Learn how to play guitar and other fun stuff online

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