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Digitize your business using an all-in-one software

Fundamentally, business is about bringing demand directly to your supply internally or externally. The faster that occurs, the faster you hit your business targets. That is why we created WorkHint, a management software that simplifies scheduling, task tracking and invoicing to enable businesses to launch a marketplace model for business functions.

WorkHint streamlines your business with powerful software features for each point in the user journey. From customers and clients looking to connect to talent network looking to automate manual tasks to accounting and managements team looking to track costs, WorkHint adds digital systems and automation to help your team get to work.

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Distinct Features for Each Stage of the Interaction

When we think about managing a network of supply and demnad, we focus on three specific areas where WorkHint can simplify your business. Each stage has its own set of software features.
Connect Supply to Demand
Digitally Track meetings, Projects and Time
Automate Invoicing and Analytics
Customizable Naming

Name Your Supply and Demand

The first step in WorkHint is to customize the naming in the software to match how your business speaks. The names of your supply and demand will be reflected everywhere in the software.

Request Customization

Select a Request Block

When launching a two-sided marketplace, you must unify the type of request users can send to others.
Using Workhint, you can select a request block that fits your marketplace purpose like Meeting, Projects, or Shifts

Profile Search

Provide Online Access to your supply Network

One of the best ways to improve business is showing off your network of experts. In WorkHint, all profiles can be tagged with key criteria like expertise, industry or location so that with a quick search, your demand are matched with the right contractor or freelancer.

Online Meeting Requests

Coordinate and Confirm Meetings

WorkHint makes it simple to request meetings with online scheduling tools. And the best part? You can include a set of questions so that at approved meetings both sides can dive right into the details!

Onboarding Links

Quickly Invite New Users

Use an invite link generator and quickly bring new users aboard. After adding a few key information points, their profile will be visible in your online service directory, ready to match with other users.

Digitally Track Meetings, Tasks and Time

Video Conferencing

A Video Link with Every Meeting

A picture is worth one thousand words. And since personal meetings are key in any relationship, video conferencing is available with every scheduled meeting. The video call remains in the browser, so there is no more confusion about which conferencing tool to install.

Communication Tools

Attach Messages, Files and Tasks to Meetings

WorkHint provides a central storage point for attachments, actions, links and chats. Instead of digging through emails, all communication tools appear alongside the video conference so that all project information stays in one place.

Task Management

Display and Sort Task Lists

All action items that are defined in meetings or added later are available can be organized by your demand network into a single task overview. In WorkHint, it is easy to sort and filter tasks to prioritize work by due date, client or task status.

In-App Time Tracking

Add Online and Offline Work Time

For each defined task, your contractors can activate an online tracker that records the time spent working on that action item. Additional time can be recorded for in-person meetings or offline work.

Automate Invoicing and Analytics

Timesheet Reporting

Instantly Generate Completed Timesheets

Scheduled meetings, video calls, tracked time, manual reporting - with one click all aspects of contractor work are brought into a single timesheet, formatted and prepared for approval.

Approval Protocol

Collect Customer or Manager Approval

Within WorkHint, customers or managers can approve each contractor timesheet prior to invoicing. This helps ensure a smooth billing process and minimizes contacts points from your accounting team to your clients.

Invoice Generation

Instantly Generate an Invoice

Your contractors or supply network can easily issue an invoice after each request completion. All invoices remain in WorkHint for future access and reporting.

Business Analytics

Learn from Your Data

As a business owner, you need tools to find the most effective contractors in terms of setting meetings, driving earnings or bringing in new customers. In WorkHint, all that information is just a click away.

Community Building

Community Feed

Community Feed includes a Group tab, where other participants of your Workhint 's site group can access and interact with public posts. Information within the Feed is sequentially ordered to the oldest activity by the most recent activity.

Payment Processing

Accept Payment

Accept credit cards and other popular payment methods with a payment provider like Stripe, and more with Workhint easy steps integration.

URL customization

Connect Domain

The Connect Domain feature allows you to change the automatically generated URL ( to your own domain.