Full-Service Software for Managing Remote Workers

Learn how HR managers use WorkHint to add speed to onboarding remote workers. Using one tool for collaboration, scheduling, tracking and billing is the quickest way to expand your team with external experts.
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Simplify Onboarding for HR Managers

You want the best possible team by your side, but adding new people means hours or days of coordination for your human resources team. With WorkHint, all the necessary tools for managing remote workers are bundled into a single platform. After adding one new login, your project teams will be connected and ready to get to work.

Connecting Task Tracking to Billing

Remote workers almost all use different systems for time management. In WorkHint, meetings and task management are directly connected to automatic billing tools. That means that work done is work paid and accounting departments and HR teams will eliminate the two biggest hurdles to managing remote workers effectively.

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Help Remote Workers Focus on their Work

Remote workers are filling in expertise gaps in your company. They usually cost more, so effective task management is a key metric for getting strong results. WorkHint automates task management and invoice generation to help concentrate on the task at hand.

Ready for more Effective Collaboration?

WorkHint provides in-browser video conferencing with every scheduled meeting. The screen layout is designed to meet, define new tasks and document meeting notes in a single view. All information gets bundled so teams can immediately access the information they need.

Looking for a Solution for Managing Remote Workers?

Effective companies add flexibility to their team with remote workers and dedicated experts. But without dedicated tools, adding new workers can often end up costing more in HR coordination than new value it generates. WorkHint adds structure and automation to managing remote workers in distributed teams.
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