An Effective Telemedicine Program Requires Automated flows from patients requests to billing

Hospitals, Clinics, and Healthcare institutes all share a common need; effective Telemedicine software to simplifies matching between healthcare providers and people in need virtually. WorkHint offers features like onboarding, messaging, scheduling, video calling, and more to serve healthcare users in every stage in the process.
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Connect Doctors to Patients

Telemedicine software managers are evaluated on strong connections and successful outcomes of their virtual platform. That is why WorkHint focuses on creating right matching Algorithmen with a searchable database of doctors and healthcare providers. All profiles are tagged, sorted and directly linked with scheduling tools.

Onboarding Made Easy

Simple signup workflows and clean user interfaces make it easy to add Doctors, healthcare providers and patients into WorkHint. Once inside, dedicated Telemedicine software takes care of smooth coordination and communication.

Simplify Scheduling and Meetings

The most effective consultations with Telemedicine happens in face-to-face interactions. That is why the software makes it easy to choose open meetings times for potential Doctors. Each scheduled meeting in WorkHint also includes an in-browser video conference and a visual layout for taking notes and creating tasks

Track Progress and Effectiveness

As a Telemedicine manager, you need tools to help ensure that your healthcare team is organizing consultation, completing sessions and delivering results. WorkHint includes a variety of analytics tools to compare all your Doctors or Healthcare providers and set KPIs to benchmark progress.

Automatic Billing for External Healthcare providers

Although many healthcare Institutes are working with fixed contracts staff, sometime they need to work with external doctors especially in hospitals and clinics offering “as needed” consultations for rare specialized health cases. It is important to be able to convert work into billable hours. WorkHint can generate invoices directly from appointment calendars.

Data are stored securely in the cloud

One of the most important element for telemedicine success is secure data storing. Workhint is following the highest security standards and partnering with AWS to create a secure cloud storage for patients and doctors data.

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Telemedicine helps put your healthcare institutes in the forefront by offering virtual consultations. WorkHint empowers the doctors and patients to move past administration and directly into effective medical consultation.
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