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Unleash the power of people using a Digital Platform Strategy

For most companies, moving work online is a mess. WorkHint is a single platform to coordinate work-flow with a heavy dose of automation.

It’s like building a marketplace for a business function, so your demand network can choose the best match themselves. Online communication tools like messaging, video chat and coordinating meetings can be done directly in the WorkHint software.

But the value starts to add up as those interactions are automatically tracked as time for invoicing so that you don’t miss a billable hour and your business can generate invoices with a click.

Primary Admin Dashboard

(For the business owner)
The primary admin dashboard built to manage and keep track of work flow in your online business network.

Supply Dashboard

(For Mentors, Trainers, Doctors, Creative Directors and any other In-house Experts)
This dashboard allows your experts to receive and accept meeting or work requests and track all time for automatic invoicing.

Demand Dashboard

(For Startups, Employees, Patients, Designers and anyone who needs to Access your In-house Experts)
The demand dashboard allows users to request meetings, initiate projects and use powerful search tools to find the experts they need to get work done!

Manage Online Work from Scheduling to Billing

The WorkHint software was developed to help you establish a customized online network so your business can work effectively online.
Where most companies still patch together a solution with free tools, excel and email, our software offers a full suite of digital tools to simplify each step of the journey. From online search tools to schedule recommendations and from time tracking to instant billing, WorkHint has an work platform ready to move your business online.
Invitation link
Invitation link to onboard thousands of users to the platform
Easy messaging system for users to communicate online
Video call
In-app video conferencing automatically added to each scheduled meeting
Hours tracking
Automated tracking of experts hours
Automatically generated invoices based on approved timesheet