Create a distributed Workforce

Create a network of on-demand vetted talents for a business function to increase flexibility, reduce cost and generate data driven insights
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Unleash the power of people

For most companies, moving work online is a mess. WorkHint is a single platform to coordinate work-flow with a heavy dose of automation.

It’s like building a marketplace for a business function, with tools like messaging, video call, accepting payments, invoicing, scheduling, time tracking, project management, and reporting.

Growing a business is like a journey to space, Workhint is the new generation spacesuit with a jetpack, it will help you get there faster and safer, without spending millions on a shuttle

Recruit & Invite

Access 200M+ talents and invite them to be part of your talents marketplace.

Onboard your talents using an invitation link with easy self-onboarding.

Building your talents network is the first step to have accessible talents to hire on-demand

Hire & Manage

Publish jobs or gigs, hire a talent, track time, and review timesheet. Identify the work-flow that fits your hiring need and manage progress.

Assign projects
to your Freelance Designers

Global Payroll

Flexible Workforce needs flexible payroll, and that’s why Workhint payroll solution was developed to serve companies with global flexible workforce. Talents can easily submit timesheet, review transactions, and send payment requests.

Workhint is integrated with global money transfer solutions like Stripe, PayPal and TransferWise that offer global payment processing with ease

Digitized Process From Recruitment To Payroll

Where most companies still patch together a solution with free tools, excel, and email, our software offers a full suite of digital tools to simplify each step of the journey. From online search tools to schedule recommendations and from time tracking to instant billing, WorkHint has a work platform ready to transform your business from messy paperwork operation to digital workflow
Invitation link to onboard thousands of users to the platform
Easy messaging system for users to communicate online
Video call
In-app video conferencing automatically added to each scheduled meeting
Hours tracking
Automated tracking of talents hours
Automatically generated invoices based on approved timesheet