Bring efficiency to your delivery operation

Add vetted contract drivers, and give your employees access to request delivery on-demand, schedule delivery, track fleet, and process payroll. Bring the marketplace efficiency to your delivery operation to reduce cost, improve talent mobility, and generate data insights.

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Friendly and Intuitive Interface

From route optimization to communication, Workhint intuitive web and mobile design will simplify fleet onboarding and users adaption to the software

Primary Admin Dashboard

Manage all scheduled trips, driver onboarding, report generation, payroll, and general setting. You have the ability to customize delivery request flow to your needs, set pricing model, and optimize the overall operation

Track Drivers & Review Performance

Track driver's location in real-time on the map. Review drivers after every trip to maintain and track performance quality. The review process is designed to evaluate performance and compliance in communication, route, safety, and professionalism.

One-click, to get matched with available drivers

Simple drivers viewing from a map and a list of drivers with expertise, reviews, availability, and searchable data. Finding the available drivers for the upcoming trip is as easy as make a one-click. View available drivers, assign a trip, and Done.

Connecting miles Tracking to Billing

Route miles are directly connected to automatic billing tools. That means that all delivery miles will be tracked and linked to your pricing model. Your accounting department and HR teams will eliminate the two biggest hurdles to managing the fleet effectively.

Easy Communication
to Stay Connected

Communicate with your drivers and team directly with private chat messages. Attach files and pictures. Initiate a video call using Zoom, and keep a record of all communication history.

Automate your delivery operation

Automate your logistic with Workhint, you can launch a platform to create a click-away delivery operation and review monthly reports. When you request a demo, we offer free consultation on the implementation process to ensure efficiency and easy delivery operation

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