Embrace Collaboration. Software to Connect Creative Teams

Creative teams are great at generating ideas, but it can take a lot of effort to get to coordinated action. WorkHint is a suite of software tools built for smooth creative team collaboration. Simplify life for your team from your designers to project managers. The platform bundles task tracking, design reviews and invoice management alongside online meetings. Creative collaboration has never been easier.

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Bring Teams Together Online

Especially in creative pursuits, a conversation can make all the difference. WorkHint automatically adds an in-browser video link to every new meeting to encourage face-to-face encounters. Your team has task tracking, messaging tools and design revisions available next to the video chat and stored for reuse online.

Quickly Add New Freelance Designers

Expanding your team with freelancers is simple in WorkHint. After confirming their email address, new designers can review the entire project communication. Task filtering and quick task allocation connects new designers with the work that needs to be done.

Command Center for Creative Directors

Design projects are complex. That is why WorkHint is designed to help creative directors spread their project vision in one interlinked platform for creative team collaboration. Key milestones and designs are tracked at the project level. Detailed information via text, task or video is collected and distributed to the freelance design team.

Make Tracking Simpler for Project Managers

When working with freelancers, each designer has their own tracking system from email to software to handwritten notes to “working from memory”. WorkHint puts everyone on the same page by moving task tracking into WorkHint. Progress is always visible so project managers can focus on planning and supporting creative team collaboration.

Evaluating Designers and Projects

In distributed teams, the creative chaos can make it impossible to get real-time progress updates. In WorkHint, all tasks are automatically tied hourly tracking and meeting times are used to generate visual reports without the administration overhead.

Automate Project Billing

WorkHint connects meetings and tasks to time tracking. That means timesheet can be generated with a click, formatted and prepared for approval or invoicing.

Simplify Creative Team Collaboration

Creative directors should be able to focus on ideas. WorkHint brings freelance designers and project managers together online with tools to simplify creative team collaboration. By automating manual tasks and removing organizational hurdles, you empower your team to spend more time being creative.

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