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Payment & Compliance

Improve your contractor payment process and elevate the experience for your contractors by using our cutting-edge payment methods. With fewer fees and hassle, you'll save time and give your contractors the best possible experience.

Automatic Invoicing

Eliminate the need for manual invoicing and streamline your payment process. Our automation tools allow you to quickly create digital invoices and seamlessly integrate your data with popular accounting software. Save time on administrative tasks and streamline your entire invoice process.

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Generate Customized Contracts

Quickly create, send, and sign contracts that adhere to local regulations and safeguard your business from potential risks. Our tool makes it easy to complete this process in seconds.

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Set up Budget


Set up budget

Create a budget plan for your team. The budget will limit your team to overspending on contractors


Customize Access

Customize what contractors your team can access based on location, and function. This simplifies resource allocations


Track Spending

See who hired a contractor, how much they spent, and all details related to the hire. This will help you stay in control